Importers, Traders and franchise agents for world renowned brands in Sri Lanka

Specialized in tailor made solutions for operating international hub logistic centers in Asia’s fastest growing Logistics hub Colombo Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been identified by the world as a country provides superior facilitations and infrastructures for logistics in the Asian region.
With Sri Lanka’s 2020 Vision to establish ‘Logistics Excellence in the Silk Route’, the country is developing its infrastructure for ports and airports to facilitate global trade. In its mission to deliver world class services in a sustainable environment, Sri Lanka is aiming to create a global logistic hub, construct a multi-dimensional logistics system to integrate logistics function while opening a deep water sea port with excellent maritime access that enables to receive large vessels and to operate them in modern specialized terminals.

Who are we

Divine Worldwide’s core business encompasses International Hub Logistics and offshore trading based in Colombo Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has been identified by the world as a country provides superior facilitation and infrastructures for logistics in the Asian region.

Our core competency is providing highly customised solutions to multinational corporations and international brands, meeting their needs – from sourcing and manufacturing to selling around the world through hub logistics solutions.


We, Divine Worldwide strongly believe that the key strength of our company is the quality of our people. We have one of the most experienced, trained and qualified team of employees who are dedicated in their work, highly customer oriented, creative and having a great sense of ownership and leadership.

Our Services


Divine Worldwide is engaged in Importation, trading and franchise agents for some of the world renowned Apparel Accessory brands, water treatment chemicals and machinery, Water bottling and related industrial machinery and chemicals, Solar power systems, Copier Paper etc. in Sri Lanka.

The expertise we have gained during last few years and the trust we have earned in the respective markets, would be a superior plus point for a manufacture to consider a partnership with us for a trading and franchise agency.


Hub Logistics

Global supply chains are increasingly complex and multi-dimensional. To support your sourcing, manufacturing and distribution activities in multiple countries specially in Asian region, Divine Worldwide offers highly customised logistic hub solutions, Offshore trading and total logistics management solutions to cater to your unique requirements.

By owning and managing a logistics hub facility in Colombo, Divine Worldwide provides exceptional reliability and product security for your cargo. Our unique inventory management and logistics management models offers high flexibility to meet your ever-changing needs, as well as the expansion and long-term growth of your business.

We have the expertise and resources to manage your national and regional distribution requirements and connect them through our extensive knowledge and infrastructure, giving you an edge over your competition.

Our logistics facility is located 12Kms away from Colombo port and we offer cost-effective inventory management, a diverse range of value-added services, and efficient order fulfillment in end markets.

We deploy advanced, innovative supply chain models to enhance operational efficiency, reduce overall costs, and improve response time to markets.

Total Logistics solutions under one umbrella
• International freight management solutions
• Total warehousing and inventory management solutions
• Customs house clearance
• Transport management
• Logistics and Supply chain consultations

Offshore trading

Offshore trading has now become one of the highest considered strategies in cross country trading and international trading.

Divine Worldwide Facilitates and provides consultation to their clients in order to achieve competitive advantage in target markets and for overcoming the challenges in cross country trading with tailor made offshore trading solutions.


Exclusive hub logistics partner in South Asia for Lenzing AG 

Lenzing Ag is one of the largest high end man-made fiber manufactures for the apparel industry and Divine Worldwide provides them both logistic hub services and offshore trading facilitations.